Nuxt typed router

Provide a type safe router to Nuxt with auto-generated typed definitions for route paths, names and params

  • Autocompletes and typecheck routes paths, names and params
  • Supports all programmatic navigation utils (NuxtLink, useRouter, navigateTo, useRoute, useLocalePath, etc...)
  • Supports optional params and catchAll routes
  • Throw error if route path is invalid
  • Out of the box i18n support
  • Supports routes extended by config and modules
$npx nuxi@latest module add typed-router
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Type safety

Throws errors when route path/name/params doesn't match any page

0 config

Just plug the module and watch the magic! Supports autoImport: false

I18n support

Out of the box support for prefixed i18n routes


Watch changes in your router structure to automatically reload your types